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How to identify the quality of cable
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One, the outer sheath:
1, indoor cable using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or flame retardant polyethylene and polyurethane (LSZH), surface should be smooth, bright, flexible, easy to peel. Inferior optical cable sheath of smoothness is poor, easy and sleeve, aramid fiber cohesion.
The outer sheath 2, outdoor cable should use the high quality black polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE), cable skin smooth and bright, uniform thickness, no bubble. Inferior cable skin generally use recycled material, the cable skin rough, because of raw materials have a lot of impurities (lime), look carefully can discover the optical cable sheath has many tiny pits wow, bent back and forth several times the outer sheath of the optical cable will be white, after laying a period of time will crack, seepage.
Two, optical fiber:
Production enterprises generally use a regular cable core manufacturers. As Corelle Changfei Fiberhome idiopathic (G652D G655 G657 62.5/125 50/125) inferior cables typically use the C class, D class fiber and the smuggling of fiber antecedents is unidentified, these fiber due to complex sources, the factory over a long period of time, often has become damp discoloration, and multimode fiber is often mixed with single-mode fiber, and the general lack of detection equipment must be small plant, can not make a judgment on fiber quality. Due to the naked eye can not distinguish such fibers, touch to the problems in construction are: bandwidth is narrow, short transmission distance; uneven thickness, not and pigtail docking; fiber lack of flexibility, the plate when the fiber of a broken.
Three, strengthen the steel wire:
Outdoor cable formal manufacturers of steel wire after phosphating, surface is gray, the wire cable without increasing the hydrogen loss, no rust, high strength. Inferior cables instead of fine wire or aluminum wire for general use, identification method is easy, that is the appearance of a white, pinch in the hands can be arbitrarily curved. This wire production cable will produce additional hydrogen loss, at the same time, a long time, hanging fiber box two rust fracture.
Four, armored steel:
The formal production enterprises using double-sided brush rustproof coating longitudinal wrapping lines strip. Inferior cable is used in ordinary iron, usually only one made anti rust treatment.
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