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The 2013 Shenzhen Optical Fair
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The fifteenth China International Optoelectronic Exposition (Expo Chinese light, CIOE2013) in September 4 - 7 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center was held successfully in optical communication devices, as the leading domestic manufacturers, our company took part in the Shenzhen optical fair.

As the world's largest integrated optoelectronic professional exhibition, the Expo exhibition of light grand scale is unprecedented, the total exhibition area of 110000 square meters, exhibitors reached 3200, including 940 overseas exhibitors, the audience of 70200 people, has drawn great attention at home and abroad of the photoelectric industry.

In the light of Bo four day period, fiber end face processing device and the most cost-effective global 12 core MPO connectors and other new products of our company on display, cause the majority of visitors and customers from all around the world the strong interest, the staff in our company actively move forward to the consultation personnel on the demonstration. Through this exhibition, our company with many customers to reach the agency or sales of intent, signed a cooperation framework agreement, the good foundation for the next step to develop market.

Through this exhibition, we not only develop customer resources, further establish the brand image of the enterprise, enhance the visibility of the company in the optical communications industry.

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